Let’s face it we are not perfect!! 

So as a parenting we all know that feeling of feeling like all eyes are on you! Like every move you make must be correct in ever form and if you dont. Well then you’re a bad parent! But let’s face it we are all not perfect! Everyone makes mistakes, sometimes even a few. As long as we learn from them is what makes us NOT a bad parent. Also not everyone has the same parenting views and not everyone chooses to do things the same. That can always cause some friction because we stay so stuck on our on beliefs and opinions. Not understanding that we are all not the same. We might share the same mistakes and different ones. We might share the same accomplishments and different ones as well.

Being an open minded person my thoughts on this is.

An example. A woman makes judgements about another woman who wears a lot of make up but does not like piercings, meanwhile she has all types of piercings. Can she just wear make up while the other wears piercings and coexist? Let’s say the girl who wears a lot of make up who doesn’t like piercings never cared to pass judgements on the girl with piercings, because hey thats just her whatever. Meanwhile the girl who loves piercings is saying things like “why does she wear so much make up, its so unnecessary” even go on to make fun of her. It is these kind of people that cause fart bubbles on this earth! The girl that wears make up can easily pass judgement on the girl with piercings but for what? What will she gain from it? Nothing. You know what she does instead, she tells her she thinks its cool she can wear piercings because she just never could. Or how about the mother who chooses to stay at home and is rediculed by working moms because “they are just so lazy” right….. Wrong. If they can afford it why not! Let them live.

This world can be so judgemental that people are afraid to talk about their mistakes or a lesson they have learned in life, even something they want to try. People want to be different but can’t understand others differences or the fact that we are humans walking this earth writing our own stories with the diffences that were giving to us in life. We often are afraid to speak in fear of being judged. Imagine two people sitting next to each other harboring the same problems in life but say nothing because they think that other person will judge them. Imagine they spoke, they would have connected on another level, possibly even learning from each other. We often focus on whats going on, with what we see on the outside forgetting theres an inside, a story behind it all, some things just mindless mistakes because again we are only human. If we learned to embrace peoples differences, laugh at mistakes or simply just not focus on them in a negative way, we can probably come to better understand each other as humans. Learning from each others mistakes even laughing about them(harmlessly of course) would bring a little more peace and laughter to the world! I’m not talking about extremes here either wrongs are wrongs especially repeated ones. I’m talking about mindless things we do in the heat of a moment or at a certain part in our lives. We can all learn from each others mistakes and differences. We can all learn to embrace or at least understand we are all different, coming from different walks of life. But we are all HUMANS learning from our own mistakes. Experimenting with this world and ourselves.

Leave the judgments for repeating offenders who don’t seem to learn from their mistakes. Also judging people for their looks, preference or even mistakes is not needing.

Connecting to grow, laugh, and learn is better than a world full of judgement. I believe learning and wanting to know people instead of basing them of judgements is a step forward. It can enhance you personally and the world.
What are some of the things you are judged for or have been judged for?

What are some silly mistakes you’ve made or someone you know that another can possibly learn from? Spill it, vent! And laugh a little!

You Bad Parent you!

Tell me some silly mistakes you made ?

Some not so great parenting whoops?

Something you did and you feel guilty for ?

I’ll start …..Well the other day I was being super lazy. I lounged on the couch all day with a full pile of clothes oh and we ate cereal for dinner. Pleassee don’t murder me !!! 🙄😂 I promise you it’s rare!

Grocery Bags as a shower cap!?!

So I don’t think I’ve ever owed a shower cap 😂. I took this from my mother as she never did too. She would just save up the bags from groceries and when we ever needed to take a shower while not getting our locks wet there they were. We also used them as trash bags for the bathroom’s trash can! Hey thats a few bucks staying in your pocket! 
What are some things you do to save some money on pointless items ? 

Name some things passed down to you that not every household might know about??

Tell me I want know! We want to know!

Who Hasn’t Seen “The Nightmare Before Christmas” Its that time of year!

I think its fair to say almost everyone has seen it. I mean its a classic Halloween movie! Dark, Imaginative, and very creative with the touch of Burton’s “weird”. Something both kids and adults enjoyed. Everyone in my home loves these kinds of “weird” movies. I would like to introduce everyone to some newer movies that are just like the popular 1993 movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas” or better! That will be for you to decided! Check out our Top 5 Dark Fantasy Kid Halloween movies. I promise you, your kids and YOU will enjoy! Happyyyy Halloween!

1. Coraline(2009)
This film is about a bored curious little girl who moves into a new home. While exploring the home she finds a small mysterious door. When entering the door she discovers an alternate world where she finds her “other parents”. In this alternate dream like world she begins to uncover dark and sinister secrets.

2. Kubo(2016)
This film is about Kubo a young boy on a quest to finish a story. Kubo is a story teller in his village, telling stories with origami and music from his shamisen which is full of magical powers. His mother a moon goddess is Ill and loses her memory. One day leaving the village his evil aunts(they are scaarryyy!) chase him into a quest. He journeys to find items that will help him fight off his powerful grandfather Raiden aka the Moon King who stole his left eye and wants to take the other one. The ending is sad yet beautiful!

3. Paranorman(2012)

Norman is a young boy who talks to ghost and nobody believes him. He is misunderstood causing him to be a loner. He ends up having a vision at a school play, of his town being cursed by a witch saying she will rise the dead. Shortly after Mr. Prenderghast an eccentric man tells him he will have to protect the town from a witch who cursed the town. He goes on a unwanted hunt to cure the town of the witch’s curse gaining some much needed information from zombies.

4. Frankenweenie

Victor Frankenstein is a young boy who loves science and is very isolated from his peers, having only his dog as a companion.Victor’s father wants him to take up a sport and make achievements outside of science. Victor joins a baseball team and hits a home run on his first game. His dog Sparky chases the ball and is struck by a car and killed. Inspired by his science teacher’s demonstration on the effect of electricity in frogs, sad and lonely Victor digs up Sparky’s corpse and successfully brings him back to life with lightning. When the other kids find out about it, they also bring back their dead pets with a twist. The Dead animals then break loose into the town fair and ooh man!

5. Monster House

Is about a young boy DJ Walters who’s been keeping on eye on his grumpy old neighbor Nebbercracker, who takes anything that lands on his yard. His neighbor dies of a heart attack and after some strange events they learn that the house is a monster house created when a human soul merges with a man made structure and that it can only be killed by destroying its heart. So DJ and his friends go on into the house to find what’s inside!

I tried my best to summarize the movies from memory and some Wikipedia. Please go on Wiki for more detailed information. Probably more grammatical too. 😂

Tell me some of your Halloween favorites?!

Have you seen any of these what do you think?